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NEWS Letter

Season follow up

January, 19th, 2008

Well tonights racing had more crashes, Stephanie Rotarius in the number 91 had the worst flip of the night in her heat race.
Trophy dash winner Matt Hein flipped it on his side when getting collected with another car.
David Lyons in the 98 quickly jumped out in front to lead the pack to put another trophy on his shelf;
While former Limited Sprint Car driver Jake Waddell had a hard night, getting loose he spun the car out in the infield as the checkard flag flew.
Not much farther back from the winner David Lyons came the two Kress brothers Tj in the 7k and Chris in the 6k both battled a great race, both being collected in a wreck prior to the green flag they came back with a strong finish!
Colton Allen driving the 2c did not finish the do to the 3 spin rule.

January 5th, 2007

This years Outlaw Kart racing has been a great year so far! With the car counts being alot better this year makes things more of a challenge not only on the Officials side; but on the drivers side as well. This year has not been as rainy, which makes it nice.

The track has been great, although the first couple races there was a "hole" that took acouple people over. The track was drying out to fast.

The drivers and officials are ready to tackle another weekend. Lets hope it go's good.


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